4 core exercises for strong abs

4 Core Exercises for STRONGER Abs! (You probably aren’t doing them)

My dudes!

I got some Core Burners 🔥 for you today.

I went to the LA Fit Expo last weekend and got to meet some really cool athletes that you’ve probably seen online.

I’ll share some of that tomorrow but they fired me up to push my training even harder.

Now with that said here are the exercises!

You can see the video here: https://youtu.be/V4l8wMnLtAw

Core Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing 4 Stronger Abs:

#1: Furniture Slider Push Up Walks: These are killer for your core & you don’t have to do them weighted like I did or do the push ups. You can simply walk with the furniture sliders for distance. If you don’t access to furniture sliders you can try to use towels on your feet or your socks if you are gonna do these on a wooden floor.

#2: Plank Pancake Stacking: Stack up a bunch of plates and switch them from one side to your other one while holding the plank position the whole time. This one starts out easy but depending on how many plates you stack up the difficulty increases and you can also do them slower to make them harder. This one is great since it forces you to work on rotational strength and stability which is crucial for sports that require sprinting from any angle.

#3: Dragon Flag Negatives: This is the best core exercise to learn core control and if you are training to achieve skills such as levers and the planche this is the exercise that has the most carry over since you are forced to keep tension on your core, hips, and ankles at all times. When doing this exercise make sure your hips are up and your toes are pointed to keep your body in proper alignment at all times.

#4: Weighted Hollow Holds: On the video I used a 30 pound weight and it had me dying after 5 seconds of holding this hollow hold. If you have ever wanted a great low ab exercise this one is killer. Play around with the weight to make it hard or easier.

What all these exercises have in common is that: They work on core stability an strength.Training these exercises will have a lot of carry over to:

  • Improving your sport
  • Lifting more weight since you are able to keep your core engaged for longer and they
  • Also will make learning more advanced bodyweight skills like planche, handstands and levers a lot easier.

Pick one exercise and try it on your workout next time & let me know how it goes!

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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